The Scarlet Honor Council

Large group of students - members of the Scarlet Honor CouncilPlease note that the Scarlet Honor Council referenced here is affiliated with Rutgers University – New Brunswick. For information about the Newark student conduct board, contact the Office of Community Standards & Student Development at 973-353-5063. For information about the Camden student conduct board, contact the Office of Community Standards at 856-225-6050.

The Scarlet Honor Council is a team of students committed to upholding Rutgers community standards and promoting a safe and civil campus environment. The Scarlet Honor Council is an educational and leadership opportunity for Rutgers students who want to make an impact and encourage other students to have respect for their community and for one another. The council provides a great opportunity to develop critical thinking and leadership skills and make difficult decisions with a diverse team.

All members of the Rutgers-New Brunswick student body are encouraged to apply to the council, regardless of major, undergraduate or graduate status, class year, or full- or part-time status.

Members of the Scarlet Honor Council:

Serve on the University Hearing Board

The University Hearing Board is a panel of students, faculty and staff that hears the cases of students accused of violating University policy. At a University Hearing, the accused student and the complainant present information and witnesses to the board. Based on this information, the board determines whether the student committed the violation and, if so, what the consequences should be.

For a detailed description of a hearing, see University Hearings. Hearings are generally held on Thursdays and Fridays, either in the morning or afternoon, and on Wednesdays in the evening. University Hearings usually last at least four hours.

Students selected to join the Scarlet Honor Council will be provided with the dates and times of all University Hearings and Campus Appeals Committee meetings (see below) for the upcoming semester, so that they can choose those dates that fit their schedules.

Serve on the Campus Appeals Committee

Students who are found responsible for violating University policy may appeal that decision and/or the sanction imposed. The Campus Appeals Committee, a panel of students, faculty, and staff, hears these appeals and determines whether established procedure was followed and whether the findings or sanctions merit reconsideration. Meetings of the Campus Appeals Committee (CAC) are scheduled once each week during business hours (9:00 to 5:00, days may vary). CAC meetings usually last about two hours.

Students selected to join the Scarlet Honor Council will be provided with the dates and times of all University Hearings and CAC meetings for the upcoming semester, so that they can choose those dates that fit their schedules.

Provide Outreach to the Rutgers Community

The Scarlet Honor Council educates the University community on University policy and ethical issues. Members organize fun activities for students and provide interactive, educational programming to classes, student organizations, residence halls, and Greek organizations. Past events include Academic Integrity Week, RU Ethical Week, academic integrity presentations, and a town hall discussion of college drinking.

The Outreach Committee meets once a week during the academic year. All council members should expect to be available to participate in programs several times throughout the semester, as schedules permit.



To join the Scarlet Honor Council, applicants must be in good disciplinary and academic standing with the University and have a 2.75 GPA. Students with a prior disciplinary history will not be considered for membership unless all sanctions have been fulfilled.

Once appointed, members of the Scarlet Honor Council are required to:

  • Comply with all University policies
  • Maintain complete confidentiality
  • Complete at least four activities per semester (such as serving on a hearing or appeal, participating in outreach programs, etc.)
Application Process
  1. All candidates must submit an application.
  2. Based on their applications, selected students are chosen to participate in interviews.
  3. Appointments to the council are made based on the applications and interviews. Those students chosen for appointments must then complete the appropriate training. Additional in-service training is required throughout the year.

All candidates who wish to join the Scarlet Honor Council must complete the training program. The program has an online component that must be completed prior to synchronous training via teleconference. The training includes presentations on the Rutgers disciplinary system, exercises in questioning and listening skills, evaluating information, and group decision-making, and a series of mock hearings.

Without exception, candidates must be able to complete the online component and the synchronous teleconference session(s) to qualify for the Scarlet Honor Council.


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