Conduct Records & Transcripts

The Office of Student Conduct maintains a conduct record for every student found responsible for a violation of University policy. This file is automatically destroyed ten years after the final resolution of the student’s case, unless the student was expelled. Records of expulsions are maintained permanently.

Conduct records are considered educational records and cannot be provided to outside parties without the student’s permission. However, some employers and graduate and professional schools require that applicants authorize the release of their conduct records in order to be considered for employment or admission. A Release Authorization Form is required to release a student’s conduct record.

The files maintained by the Office of Student Conduct are separate from transcripts, which are maintained by the University Registrar. If a student is suspended or expelled for a disciplinary infraction, that sanction will be noted on the transcript. A suspension is noted only during the suspension period; once the suspension has been served, the notation is removed from the transcript. Expulsions are permanently noted, except in certain cases where clemency has been granted (see below).

Transcript notations indicate only the sanction; they contain no detailed information about the complaint or the charges.

Requesting Conduct Records

A student may request a copy of their conduct record or request that the record be provided to a third party by completing a Release Authorization Form.

Clemency for Expulsion

A student who has been expelled from the University may apply for clemency five years after the original expulsion. If clemency is granted, the student may return to the University. They will remain on Probation as long as they are a student and the Probation will be noted on the transcript. If the student completes their degree, the notations of Probation and expulsion will be removed from the transcript. However, the conduct record maintained by the Office of Student Conduct will be retained permanently.