Preparing a Clemency Petition

The petition for clemency following expulsion should not be used as an opportunity to refute the finding or the sanction. Rather, this is the opportunity for you to explain and document the positive steps you have taken since your expulsion.

Your packet of information and documents should include:

  1. Your personal statement:
    1. Why do you want to be re-admitted?
    2. What have you been doing since the expulsion?
    3. How many credits remain for completion of your Rutgers degree?
    4. What school or college were you enrolled in? Are you asking to return to that school or college?
    5. Have you taken credits elsewhere in the intervening time?
    6. Have you been admitted to another academic institution?
  2.  Arrest information (if applicable)
    1. Court records of the case disposition
    2. If incarcerated, release information
    3. If restitution was required, court statement confirming that restitution was made
    4. Criminal record released for inclusion in this petition
    5. Letter from your probation officer, if any
  3. Psychiatric or mental health report, if applicable
  4. Drug or alcohol rehabilitation information, if applicable
  5. Your résumé
  6. Letters of recommendation (optional)
  7. Rutgers transcript and transcripts from all institutions attended since your expulsion

The Clemency Officer may review additional documents, such as:

  • Your disciplinary file
  • A statement from the faculty member, if yours was an academic integrity violation
  • An impact statement from the victim, if applicable

Send your packet of documents to:

Office of Student Conduct
Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Bishop House
115 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ  08901
Attn: Clemency Petition

If you have any questions, call the Office of Student Conduct at 848-932-9414.