Preparing Witnesses

  1. Develop a list of witnesses who can support your case and present this list to the Office of Student Conduct by the submission deadline. Your list should:
    • include the witnesses’ names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses
    • indicate whether each witness is a factual* or character witness*
    • include a brief summary of the information each witness will provide
  2. Confirm your witnesses’ attendance and be sure that they know the date, time and location of the meeting.
  3. If a witness cannot attend the meeting, obtain a written statement from the witness and submit it to the Office of Student Conduct. In order to be accepted, the statement must be witnessed by a Dean of Students, Conduct Officer, or notary public. Statements that are not properly witnessed or notarized will not be accepted. See Preparing Witness Statements for information on preparing these statements.
  4. Review the opposing party’s witness list. Anticipate what these witnesses might say and prepare questions for them that will bring out information supporting your case. Do not contact the opposing party’s witnesses.

* A factual witness can testify about facts or observations directly related to the incident in question. A character witness provides information about the accused student's background and character.