Preparing Witness Statements

If a witness cannot appear at a hearing or conference, an accused student or complainant may submit a written statement from that witness. However, this statement can be used only to supplement or explain other information; it cannot support a finding by itself.

Statements are accepted only if they are authenticated by:

  • A Conduct Officer (Office of Student Conduct: 848-932-9414);
  • A Dean of Students (Dean of Students’ Office: 848-932-2300); or
  • A notary public (Student Legal Services provides free notary services to the Rutgers community: 848-932-4529)

1. The witness must provide their unsigned written statement and photo ID to the authenticator (the Conduct Officer, dean, or notary).

2. The authenticator will confirm the witness’s identity and ask the witness to affirm that the statement is true.

3. The witness will sign the statement.

4. The authenticator will sign/stamp the statement.