Inactive Sanctions – Loss of University Housing

Termination of student housing privileges, and exclusion from campus residence hall premises and activities. Loss of housing privileges is often permanent, but can be designated for a period of time at the discretion of the University. This sanction may be implemented when a resident student has either breached the terms and conditions of their housing contract; has engaged in inappropriate behavior on or off campus that severely impacts the University community; and/or has been suspended, dismissed, or expelled from the University. The termination can be enforced immediately, at the discretion of the University, and is typically carried out and overseen by the Residence Life staff on the student’s campus. The student losing housing privileges will not receive a refund of any housing fees paid, may be subject to a contract cancellation fee, and may be held financially responsible for the full cost of their housing for the remainder of the contract period.

Duration: One or more semesters.