Academic Concerns

Q. Will instructors be notified of a student’s absence and the reason for the Interim Suspension?

A. The Office of Student Conduct will notify instructors of a student’s Interim Suspension if the student requests it. No detailed information about the alleged violation will be released.

Q. Is a student permitted to keep up with class work while on Interim Suspension?

A. Keeping in mind that the student cannot physically be present on campus, he or she should contact the instructor to discuss what arrangements can be made to obtain class notes and make up missed assignments and exams.

Q. Should a student consider withdrawing from the University while the Interim Suspension is in progress?

A. The student may wish to consider withdrawal, if he or she believes that the work missed while on Interim Suspension cannot be made up.  The student’s withdrawal will not terminate the University’s disciplinary process.

Q. If a student chooses to withdraw what will be the effective date? Will the student receive any tuition refund by withdrawing? Will the student receive grades?

A. Normally, the withdrawal date is the effective date of the Interim Suspension. The student’s college may choose to backdate the withdrawal to the beginning of the semester, if the situation warrants it. Any tuition refund will be based upon the normal refund schedule established by the registrar. Upon withdrawal, the student will receive W grades.

Q. What is the process for readmission and when will the suspended student be able to register for classes again?

A. If the student is found not responsible for the charges, he or she may return to the University immediately. If the student is found responsible, eligibility to return depends on the student’s sanction and the outcome of the appeal process (if the student chooses to appeal). A student who has been suspended should contact the academic services department at his or her college to discuss the re-enrollment process.

Residence Life Concerns

Q. If the student chooses to withdraw or is dismissed, will he or she receive any refund of room and board?

A. Refunds for room and board are prorated and depend on the time of the withdrawal or dismissal. Contact the Division of Residence Life for more information.

Other Concerns

Q. How will the interim suspension affect a student’s on-campus employment?

A. The student should notify the employer that he or she will not be able to report to work as scheduled. The Office of Student Conduct can contact the employer if the student requests it. No information about the alleged violation will be released.

Q. How will the interim suspension affect a student’s financial aid?

A. The student should contact the Office of Financial Aid as quickly as possible.  The amount of money owed the University or to be refunded to the student is calculated by the day, so any delay may result in a financial loss for the student.

Q. If the student is not a U.S. citizen, how will the interim suspension affect his or her immigration status?

A. The student should notify the Center for Global Services of a possible suspension as soon as possible.  If a student provides advance notice and is suspended, he or she may be eligible to receive a 15-day grace period before being considered “out of status” and subject to legal action.  Students who provide no prior notice of a pending disciplinary action receive no grace period and are subject to immediate legal action.

With advance notice, the student’s international student adviser can assist the student in making plans for the future, such as a transfer to another school.

Q. If a student is a varsity athlete, how will an interim suspension affect his or her NCAA status?

A. If a student participates in a varsity sport, he or she should immediately notify his or her coach of the suspension. The student cannot participate in athletic activities while on Interim Suspension. If the student is eventually found responsible for the charges, his or her athletic eligibility may be affected. The student should discuss these matters with the team coach, athletic director or other appropriate personnel from the Athletics Department.

If the student chooses to withdraw, the University cannot backdate the withdrawal to the beginning of the semester if the student actively participated in his or her sport during that semester.