What is the Scarlet Honor Council?

A. The Scarlet Honor Council is a team of students committed to upholding Rutgers community standards and promoting a safe and civil campus environment. The Scarlet Honor Council is an educational and leadership opportunity for Rutgers students who want to make an impact and encourage others to have respect for their communities and community members.

The Scarlet Honor Council consists of four branches: the University Hearing Board, the Community Review Board, the Student Organization Conduct Board, and the Outreach Team. For more information about each branch, visit The Scarlet Honor Council.

Who is eligible to join the Scarlet Honor Council?

A. Any Rutgers undergraduate or graduate student in good standing can apply to the Council, regardless of class year, full- or part-time status, or major. A 2.75 GPA is required.

When does the Honor Council meet? What is the time commitment for Council members?

A. Meetings of the University Hearing Board, the Community Review Board, and the Student Organization Conduct Board are scheduled as needed, according to the board members’ schedules. Meetings of the University Hearing Board and the Student Organization Conduct Board take approximately four hours, while meetings of the Community Review Board last approximately two hours.

The Outreach Team meets for one hour each week during the academic year. Team members should also expect to be available to deliver programs several times throughout the semester, according to their schedules.

What qualities are you looking for in a Council member?

A. We’re looking for students who can be analytical, objective, fair, and responsible. These students must be able to work cooperatively in a group, articulating their own points of view while considering the opinions of others. Members of the Scarlet Honor Council are expected to maintain strict confidentiality and to uphold the ethical standards of the University community, both personally and in their capacity as members of the Honor Council.

Members of the Outreach Team should be outgoing, articulate, creative, and upbeat. Team members should be able to give engaging presentations and develop programming that will appeal to the student community and effectively convey a positive message about the Office of Student Conduct.

How do I apply to the Council?

A. The first step is to submit an application. Selected students will then be invited to an interview. The Student Conduct staff will choose new members of the Council based on their applications and interviews. New members are then required to complete the appropriate training sessions. For more information on the application and selection process, see The Scarlet Honor Council. Once you have submitted an application, a representative from the Office of Student Conduct will provide further information.

Is this a paid position?

A. No.  Members of the Honor Council are unpaid volunteers who offer their time and effort to serve the University community.